GRAPHITE is an interdisciplinary arts journal supported by the Hammer Museum, dedicated to producing critical and creative projects in an integrated physical and digital space. Each issue, published annually, is centered around a theme or proposal that responds to contemporary events and ideas.

GRAPHITE 12: Attention/¡Atención! (188 pages, 6”X9”) is the first bilingual edition of this journal, set in both English and Spanish translations to reflect the diverse needs of its expanding collective. In GRAPHITE 12 contributors from around the world interpret, complicate, and expand the definitions of attention; they explore how living attentively can bring about transformative artistic, spiritual, and/or political results. The design itself finds influence from the essay Dark Shimmers: A Politics of Oscillation, which addresses attention as a violent entity slipping in and out of visibility. Through typographic fluctuations and elements that reveal themselves through the course of the publication, attention is treated as a nuanced entity that is simultaneously seen and unseen. Special thanks to this year’s editor Haley Penn, the Hammer’s academic programs advisor Hallie Scott, and Max Rompo for typesetting the Spanish!
Editorial, Fine Arts