Implicit Formations
A study in semiotics through the comparison of Rodchenko’s Fire Escape (1924) and Ren Hang’s Untitled (2016), from the layered lens of the aesthetic, referential, and discursive/conceptual. Implicit Formations is an in-progress site archiving the collected writings, research, and documentation of the study, which culminates in a translation of the photographs into their typographic representations.

This project began in W.H. Lucas’ studio “If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words” at UCLA Design | Media Arts; the original aim was to research two visually similar photographs and create typographic posters that could end up replacing/representing the image. The accompanying site (designed as a nod to print and editorial formats) extends the project beyond its typographic studies. Implicit Formations becomes a deep-dive into the narrative threads, both visual and semantic, of the two photographs. It retraces the histories, contexts, and visual references that tie together two images taken almost a century apart, in order to investigate representations of the human body within avant-garde photography.
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New York / Los Angeles